Working time

Dear customers, for your ease we present you time table for SPA center

Monday – Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 21:00 p.m.

Friday 9:00 a.m. – 24:00p.m.

Spa Center

Book an appointment

We know that your time is expensive, then to get the best time for your SPA treatment, please ask the SPA – Receptionist in advance to book for you. You can make your reservation, directly on the SPA

–Reception or by phone /out: +35952 385 410 / in: 600

Respect saved time and accuracy

Dear Customers, we estimate your precision, because of this we ask you to get on time for your booking hour in SPA Center.

If you are hotel guests, when you come in SPA –center, please use bathrobes from your rooms.

Reservation amend and Cancellation policy

Our purpose is to organize as well as we can, your time in SPA – center – in this case, we ask you to make amend or cancellations of your booked treatments, one day before starting it.

If you do not use your booked treatment – we will charge you 50% from total amount for it.

In case of late starting of the procedure from customers blaming, SPA –center save rights to reduce time for booked treatment.

For using – Swimming pool, Sauna Park, Fitness and Solarium, you have to pay for extra charge.

Make A Wish

Health & Hygiene

For health and hygiene reasons, we kindly ask you to use the change room, when you have booked hour for sauna, massage or other procedure.

Entering in SPA – center with shoes is totally forbidden!

Make A Wish


Make A Wish

Recommendations for use of the swimming pool and sauna park:

  • Entering in SPA zone is allowed only with clean slippers or covered with plastic socks shoes.
  • Entering in fitness – sport suit and trainers.
  • Using of the swimming pool is with swim suit and cap.
  • When you in/out of the swimming pool and sauna is obligatory to take a shower before/after.
  • Using of swim suit, towel for body and hair is obligatory when you entering in Sauna.
    Please do no use ingredients which are not allowed for Sauna.
  • If you have some healthy problems with blood pressure, we recommend you – please do not enter is Sauna Park alone.
  • Jumping and using of fins in swimming pools is totally forbidden.
  • If your child is on age under 10, the stay in swimming pool is not allowed without parent(s) with him.
  • Staying of guests in SPA center zone, without using it services is not allowed.
  • Using of SPA center from guests with healthy infections is not allowed.
  • In SPA center zone, consumption of any food & drinks entering out of the hotels area is not allowed.


SPA center is not responsible for lost or missing personal items from changing room, without leaving it those in safety box on the SPA reception. Safe are free of charge on SPA reception.

Cigarette & Alcoholic drinks

To ensure a healthy and relaxing atmosphere for all our guests, in SPA Center area smoking and alcohol consumption is totally forbidden!

Gifts & Surprises

All services in SPA center can be bought like a gift for all you nearest people, friends and relatives – for any kind of celebration.

Please ask in addition for this service on SPA reception.

Mobile phones

Dear customers, time spending in our SPA center is dedicated only to you.

Kindly ask you to turn off your mobile, in case they do not interfere of your treatment, and relax to you and all other guests.